Content Management System

Last Project

is a retailer of specialty and premium Cigarettes. The company's retail store is a one-stop concept for everything related to tobacco Cigarettes.(E-commerce store programming)

Solovat was contacted to handle the entire PezziKing e-commerce functionality. The purveyor of fine wines needed to expand it's offerings and reorganize the products into categories.

This E-Commerce portal was created as a result of 4-month project for Japanese company selling Home and Office networking equipment.

is e-commerce store of one of the duty free cigarettes sellers in Europe. MigMarket has been implemented on PHP, MySql, shopping cart)

Asa Servers
is a portal dedicated to present and future Linux servers containing links for drivers and technical specifications as well as computers for business users, tips and hardware reviews)


Content Management System

Content Management System was developed with a Statistics Module. This is a very powerfull system that was developed exclusively to use by Solovat's clients. The system allows to update a site easily with CMS from anywhere just by using browser. The user would be able to upload files, edit content of all pages and add/remove items from product catalog. Also, the site admin can easily add/delete/change titles, upload new images and even add/delete/rename new pages, categories, or sub-categories. There is only one requirement: all these changes will be done within one template throughout the site.

The Statistics Module lets to monitor web traffic and see how many visitors coming to a site with parameters as from hours, days, weeks, months, or years. The site admin will also have access to data showing not just how many visitors, but in what manner did they come to your website, such as time intervals and search keywords.