Content management site/corporate intranet for biotechnology company

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Content management site/corporate intranet for biotechnology company, USA

The Customer

The customer is a technology leader in molecular pathology, provides Total Solutions for the complete automation of cell and tissue testing.. With over 400 representatives throughout the U.S. and the world, the customer sells products to customers both online and off-line. The company engaged Solovat's consultants to develop a web-based contenet management system for creating and publishing electronic data sets and reports of corporate catalog and research data to their web site. As a result of the system, non-technical personnel are able to create and deliver hundreds of data cubes and catalog items.

Customer's business needs

As Solovat worked with the company in planning and developing the web site, it became clear that custom publishing tools were needed to manage the creation and delivery of hundreds of online catalog product items, images, the latest news publishing and company representatives arounf the world.

The requirements included:

  • Reduce the time of content creation and publishing on the corporate web site.
  • Abstract the technical complexities of database, file and update creation and publishing so that non-technical personnel are able to administer the web site.
  • Ensure the data integrity and consistency of all content published to the web site.

The Solution

Solovat developed a content management intranet solution for the web site. Based on the Linux development platform and utilizing MySQL database, Apache Server and PHP language, the intranet site provides a simple browser-based interface that enables non-technocal administrators to:

  • Extract, modify and load content and images from operational systems to data marts.
  • Delete, edit and create new catalog, press release, news, customer support, FAQ, Distributors and Promoution pages.
  • Create and revoke new role privileges with limited access/privileges to the system.

The web application is driven by data stored in MySQL, so administrators can easily delete and modify the content to be deployed as well as source and target directories.

The Benefits

As a result of the solution, the biotechnology company is able to utilize existinf non-technical personnel to administer the content and data of the site, rather than of hiring costly business intellegence and IT professionals. Most importantly, the tool has reduced the cite management time for creation and delivery products by 75-80%. Product is now delivered to the site almost instatly after sales/marketing/production managers approve the product update.