Database Development


Database Driven Web Sites

Our current skills-set includes the expertise in the following technologies:

  • PHP/MYSQL, ASP.NET/MS SQL, Perl (CGI, DBI)/Oracle, MS Access/VB programming


Combining a database with a web site is one of the best ways to create a highly sophisticated web site. In fact, the power and flexibility offered by integrating a database with a web site is the foundation for today's most popular web sites.

The reason why a database driven web site is so powerful is because the entire web site can be easily updated with new content as frequently as desired. It is even possible to customize a web site for each individual visitor. All major search engines, portal web sites, and news web sites use a database driven web site design in order to provide you with new content on a ongoing basis. There's no team of web designers cranking out web pages - it's all done automatically by retrieving information from the database and constructing a new web page when one is requested. Such a site is called a dynamic web site since it can be changed very easily, as opposed to a static web site which is much more difficult and costly to change.

Our experience with dynamic database driven web sites is extensive. With a database driven web site clients have complete control over their dynamic web sites, and once completed, can update and maintain their sites all by themselves using web based interfaces to add and delete content online content.

Software Support and Maintenance

We execute various maintenance, front and back-end support and enhancement projects for our customers worldwide. Solovat has a systematic framework for maintenance activity for better management and control, including web based defect and response tracking tools.

Services Provided by Solovat include:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Enhancements & Customization
  • New feature development
  • Optimization & Performance improvement
  • Porting & Conversion to other platforms
  • Interface development to in-house software or third-party software

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Services

Solovat assists companies to consolidate their existing software assets to give them enhanced returns on their existing technology. Our services include:

  • Web Enablement of legacy systems
  • Data Conversion from legacy data stores and data integration
  • Application Integration (Point to Point) and Integration through Web Services
  • Enterprise-wide Application Integration Solutions
  • Designing unified interfaces to distributed software assets

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