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Last Project

is a retailer of specialty and premium Cigarettes. The company's retail store is a one-stop concept for everything related to tobacco Cigarettes.(E-commerce store programming)

Solovat was contacted to handle the entire PezziKing e-commerce functionality. The purveyor of fine wines needed to expand it's offerings and reorganize the products into categories.

This E-Commerce portal was created as a result of 4-month project for Japanese company selling Home and Office networking equipment.

is e-commerce store of one of the duty free cigarettes sellers in Europe. MigMarket has been implemented on PHP, MySql, shopping cart)

Asa Servers
is a portal dedicated to present and future Linux servers containing links for drivers and technical specifications as well as computers for business users, tips and hardware reviews)


Solovat specializes in web design and programming of high-quality websites, at very reasonable and affordable price, which helps our customers create an outstanding web presence promotiong a corporate identity.

Corporate Portal 15 to 35 pages
Price: $2495
Terms of development: 3-5 weeks

This offer comes with 3-4 revisions which includes:

  • Home Page design
  • Inner Pages design
  • Programming of 15-35 Web Pages
  • Flash Logo Design
  • Flash Introduction
  • Mail Script
  • Web Forms
  • News Letter
  • Special News Script
  • Contact Us Form

Package includes stunning professional web design with custom graphics such as icons, and backgrounds, logo and layout design.

15-35 pages with unlimited text and photos, HTML/DHTML, Server Side Includes (SSI), JavaScript, Flash header, Graphic work, PHP e-mail feedback form and special news script.

Optimization of the images to find the fine line between quality and load time on average 56K dial-up Internet connection.

Development of an intuitive navigation scheme and interface. Testing of your site on various browsers and screen resolutions for inconsistencies (Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator).

Free 4 weeks Bug Fixing.

Custom Designed Web Sites

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