Flash programming


3D Multimedia Interactive Flash annimation, design and programming

Solovat is a professional web design company located in San Francisco, California. Our award-winning web designers specialize in best-in-class custom websites, Flash multimedia, corporate identity, and programming.

Since the invention of the first moving pictures the public has been continually demanding more and more interactive information and entertainment. Why leave them demanding when you can deliver! At Solovat we are skilled in all the major multimedia technologies available today. And we back up that skill with amazing artistic creativity and insight. Just look at our portfolio!

You can meet the demand for powerful, interactive content, streaming audio and video, advanced user interfaces, animated titles, splash-screens, logos, Custom Flash programming and design you name it! Just check-out our Skills and Technologies page, and you'll clearly understand that our balanced and vast skill-set will provide you and your business the edge it needs to stand above your competitors.

Heard of Macromedia Flash? Sure you have! It is currently the most widely available and installed online multimedia content delivery system on the 'net! And, we got it! We have experience developing anything you could possibly imagine within Flash, like: banners, Flash tutorials, Presentations, Demos, and complete flash websites. If you want to make a good impression, do it in Flash, and if you want to make a fantastic impression, do it with Solovat!

Example of Flash programming :

  1. Click on texture samples to change color of object
  2. Use drug'n'drop to change color of side of object
  3. Use mouse to change motion type of object (size - 18,5 kb)